Should You Opt For DIY Or Commercial CBD Tinctures?

Monday , 27, February 2023 Comments Off on Should You Opt For DIY Or Commercial CBD Tinctures?

tinctureWith CBD tinctures gaining in popularity around the world, many people wish to make homemade concoctions at home. This is supported by tons of online recipes that make it easier to make DIY cannabis tinctures. The formulas mostly use alcohol as the solvent and it traces its roots in herbal medicine. These homemade extracts are usually known as a gold dragon or green dragon, and there is a slight difference between the two. The green variety is produced from unheated plant material but the gold variety involves heating, a process also known as decarboxylating.

In order to prepare both types of tinctures at home, herbal enthusiasts use high-proof alcohol such as 151-proof rum or Everclear to extract cannabinoids and other materials from the plant. These are botanical materials that easily dissolve in alcohol and the remaining plant parts are filtered out.

Is It Okay To Make Your Own CBD Tincture?

There are numerous benefits associated with preparing cannabis tinctures at home. They must give you good value for money when compared to the commercial ones. This holds true for states that legally allows you to grow cannabis. Although you will need to consider some trial and error to decide the right dose for your needs, this will also give you full control of the potential strength of your finished tincture.

When making homemade DIY tinctures, you can also select a strain that is more cost-effective. Although people mostly use the high-THC strains to create these types of cannabis extracts, this method also works well for the high-CBD strains. It is always better to order your CBD or THC products from online dispensary Canada to achieve the desired results.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Making DIY Cannabis Tinctures

While preparing tinctures at home sounds exciting, there are quite a few disadvantages of taking the DIY route. The biggest downside is that high-proof alcohol is very flammable, hence it requires a lot of ventilation and careful handling. If you heat the cannabis to decarboxylate it, you will end up with a lot of aroma in your kitchen.

Also, the high-intensity of alcohol used in the DIY tinctures are capable of creating a burning sensation. If you attempt to consume the tincture sublingually, by keeping it under the tongue, this can be pretty uncomfortable. To cut down the burning sensation, many people choose to add some honey to the tinctures. You can also skip taking the tinctures sublingual and add the extracts to your beverages or food.

Are Commercial Cannabidiol Tinctures Better?

As cannabidiol tincture and its extraction methods are so specific about the use of alcohol in the finished product, it is normal for you to expect the commercial tinctures to taste similar to their homemade DIY counterparts. While there are many manufacturers that use ethanol to extract CBD from the cannabis plant, the resulting products that are often marketed as ‘tinctures’ don’t really exhibit the strong burning sensation usually linked with the green dragon method. The reason behind this is that manufacturers remove the ethanol solvent during the extraction process.

Where To Buy

After the legalization of Cannabis in numerous parts of the world, several online dispensary Canada have come up. If you want to buy CBD tinctures online, make sure you choose a reliable website run by an authorized vendor. There are many websites that operate illegally and have shady policies so be very careful to stay away from these.

Spend some time researching online and reading customer reviews that talk about the website and tincture available. Before buying tinctures from a specific company, you need to look into three important things: hands-on testing, third-party potency analysis, and in-depth company research.